Streamer Max (380grains) WF10 18' sink tip

head lenght: 24ft

total lenght: 100ft

color: Black / blue / Orange

Every fishing situation is tackled by the angler in his or her own unique way so Airflo’s new and incredibly versatile Streamer Max with its level sinking tip section allows the angler to fine-tune by snipping it to the optimal, required length. We recommend very gradual, 6” cuts until the perfect fit is attained.

Fishing streamers to bank-hugging brownies; bait-fish patterns to mid-strata bass or fishing nymphs into those deep, fast, water-chutes that hold the big ones – this line covers all situations. Built upon Airflo’s famous Power Core, Airflo Streamer Max possesses a level sink-tip that graduates to an intermediate belly section backed-up by a floating, ridged running line: the best of all worlds in one ‘killer’ sink-tip fly-line!

  • Taper: forty + expert head / long front taper design

  • Core: Power Core

  • Coating: Polyfuse XT dual layer system, ridged on running line

  • Poly-leader: trout, sea-trout / saltwater

  • Perfect in 40 - 86 fahrenheit

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