The Whiting Farms Hen Cape is the most widely used hen cape in the world today. It provides a high quality feather excellent for a myriad of tying applications.

The characteristics bred into this line of chickens in pursuit of the finest dry fly rooster cape hackle also imparts excellent tying characteristics to the hen hackle:

  • Long, narrow feathers; for ease of tying.

  • Exceptionally fine yet strong quill, for less breakage during tying, less bulk or built up on the fly for neater fly, and less danger of destruction during use for a longer lasting fly.

  • Firm, resilient barbs, slower to collapse in fast water and quicker return to original silhouette.

  • Uniform and dense colors and markings; for a better wing silhouette and better color break up when used as a collar.

  • Dense barbs and web; for better wing silhouette, fuller flies and easier tying.

  • Small to medium hackle sizes; necessary for the increasingly popular smaller flies.


Hen cape hackle is a basic and essential tying material. One of its principle uses is for upright dry fly wings. Or when wrapped it creates a great nymph or wet fly collar. The larger hen cape feathers are also excellent for matuka flies, steamers and whole feather wings. Every fly tier should have a full array of hen capes at their tying bench.


Whiting Farms committed to supplying the finest feathers to the fly tiers of the world.

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